Website stores two different types of cookies as follows:


Session cookies:
Only live in the browser's memory, and never stored anywhere. When the browser closes, the cookie is permanently lost from this point on. hence it gets destroyed when the browser session ends.

Persistent cookies:
Stored on the browser's hard drive. By default, max age set for this cookie is 1 year.

Note: One year is the max age of these cookies, this doesn't mean these cookies will last for one year. These cookies actually will live as long as the browser. But "REMEMBER_ME" will last for one year if the user doesn't uncheck "Remember me"

All cookies are set by the server via the Set-Cookie HTTP Header. A browser knows to store that cookie as a persistent cookie when it finds the keyword 'Expires=' followed by a date in the future. If there is no 'Expires=' tag, or if the specified date has already passed, then the browser will keep the cookie in browser memory only as a session cookie.

Below are details of cookies used in website



It used for user session identification, user authentication, remembering user language preference and managing user sessions. The last cookie "LFR_SESSION_STATE_10196" is user session, 10196 is current userId. It is the state of current session, the value is the date time of login.

Session type of cookies

Origin from "session.js"

Expires when browser session ends


Used to specify the language. It is guest language ID.

Persistent type of cookies

The default expire values of cookies is 1 Year


Unique identifier for the visitor's company. Its the ID of current instance.

Session type of cookies

The default expire values of cookies is 1 Year


a. JSESSIONID is an ID generated by Servlet containers like Tomcat or Jetty and used for session management in J2EE web application for http protocol.

b. The ID is sent to the client either within a cookie (default) or as part of the URL (called URL rewriting, used only if cookies are disabled on the browser).

c. JSESSIONID expires a session, that means when session expired or browser is closed or user logout, JSESSIONID will expire.


It is encrypted user uuid.

The default expire values of cookies is 1 Year

6. _ga

It is used to store the Client ID and used to distinguish users

default expire values of cookies is 2 Year

7. _gid

These cookies store other randomly generated ids and campaign information about the user.

The default expire values of cookies is 24 hours

8. _gat

Used to throttle request rate.

The default expire values of cookies is 24 hours

8. BDcookieDisclaimer

This cookies is used to display disclaimer of cookie usage in website.

The default expire values of cookies is 2 Years

9. BD_Web_LF

This cookie is inserted into client requests, which it uses to track which server the connection belongs to.

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