Temperature Controlled Logistics. (TCL)

We have developed a range of superior Temperature Controlled Solutions to meet your specific needs. These solutions are backed by extensive and reliable express distribution, dry ice supplies including free top-up replenishments, real-time shipment status information, regulatory clearance, validation services and project management. The packaging is constructed from recyclable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective material.

Our Temperature Controlled Logistics Solutions present a secure and validated supply chain for your needs, integrating South Asia's leading logistics network with an innovative range of services.

The innovative Temperature Controlled Solution ensures safe and compliant transport in frozen, chilled and ambient conditions. Using appropriate cooling mediums, the packaging performance delivers temperature for the range - 20°C, 2 - 8°C and 15 - 25°C for varying distribution times.

From direct distribution of samples, to clinical trial services - these are temperature validated solutions for all your needs. Blue Dart Temperature Controlled Logistics offers solutions from packaging to transportation, ensuring seamless service to keep you in control. The Blue Dart express distribution delivery capability reduces the possibility of replenishment of cooling mediums during transit of your precious shipments.

Blue Dart Temperature Controlled Logistics ensures secure, validated temperature controlled distribution of your products nationwide.

Distribution and innovations:


  • Efficient and secure distribution network.
  • Validated temperature maintenance.
  • Supply chain management services.
  • Range of validated packaging solutions.
  • Direct to hospital/pharmacy delivery.
  • Inventory management and information systems.
  • Regulatory expertise and processing.
  • lATA compliance for dangerous goods.
  • Day definite delivery.


We make sure that every shipment is handled with personalized care backed by strong operational processes and systems.

Covering every need:

  • Express mode schedules to ensure that the stability windows are strictly adhered to.
  • Unique Standard Operating Processes developed by in-house experts for all temperature ranges.
  • Shipment-wise monitoring from pickup to delivery, including real-time online tracking facility.
  • Regulatory expertise for seamless and hassle-free transit.

Packaging design and validation

With in-house experts to evaluate your needs, we recommend and provide appropriate packaging and refrigerants to ensure the integrity of your temperature controlled shipments. We also design customized packaging to meet your unique requirements. All designs are rigorously tested and qualified under a variety of conditions that may occur during transit.

Partnering your business

We have experienced, innovative and well-resourced logistics experts to customize our network capability to your exact needs. Our logistics team has created the following value-added solutions to meet your supply chain needs.


  • Pickup and delivery of shipments from/to 53 origin-destination pairs.
  • Committed transit time.
  • Widest network and infrastructure in India.

Reliable Clinical Trial Logistics Partner

  • Experience and knowledge of the temperature controlled market.
  • Excellent working relations with pharmaceutical companies and CROs.
  • Intense knowledge of the clinical trial products.
  • Proactive account management team.

Value-added Services

  • Validated packaging solutions.
  • Dry-ice solutions.
  • Temperature loggers.
  • Dedicated customer service.

Monitoring & Validation Services


  • Simple and cost-effective temperature validation services that can be customized to your test protocols.
  • Using the latest calibrated temperature controlled equipment, we can provide detailed reports for each test, providing systems compliance for regulatory authorities and peace of mind for you and your customers.


Supply Chain Services

Distribution, packaging, expertise, process information and service support to achieve movement of temperature controlled products.

Temperature Controlled Packaging

Complete range of temperature controlled packaging solutions for finished goods and clinical trial supplies.

Hospital/Pharmacy Services

Direct delivery to hospital/pharmacy, providing superior response for hospital order fulfillment.

Inventory Management & Information Systems


  • Quick order processing.
  • Tracking and service support.
  • Customer invoicing.
  • import of shipment details directly from order processing systems.


Regulatory Expertise

Understanding customer requirements to ensure fast & cost-effective clearance of your goods.

lATA Dangerous Goods & Dry Ice Services

Blue Dart offers a full range of dangerous goods and services, in addition to which we can send you a dry ice system capable of providing - 20°C for 120 hours.

Day Definite Delivery

Blue Dart offers complete end-to-end Temperature Controlled Logistic Solutions to the largest number of origins-destinations in the country.

Innovations that deliver competitive advantage to you:

Cost, security, validation and efficient transport solutions. We deliver the complete package of value.

  • Improved physical flows and integrated temperature controlled management with Blue Dart Direct Distribution.
  • Improved physical flows and integrated temperature controlled management with Blue Dart Direct Distribution.
  • Real-time tracking systems for temperature sensitive products.
  • Improved validation control through testing, security and information.
  • Unique and cost-effective packaging for temperature stability throughout the distribution chain.
  • Secure end-to-end control of supplies and results.
  • Visibility throughout all physical and information flows.
  • Programme management and consultancy on the complete logistics needs of domestic & international distribution through a single-point contact.
  • Seamless Service to keep you in control.
  • Service to the largest number of locations across India, reduces the possibility of replenishment of cooling materials during transit.
  • Efficient Supply Chain Management and direct distribution.

Product Features:

  • Temperature Range:


    1. Frozen: - 20°C
    2. Chilled: 2 - 8°C
    3. Ambient: 15 - 25°C


  • Door-to-door Pickup and Delivery.
  • Committed transit times.
  • Enhanced network connectivity.
  • Validated Packaging Solutions.
  • Temperature loggers for temperature control.
  • Track & trace.
  • Specialized handling.
  • Dedicated and trained manpower.

We deliver:

  • Human/Animal diagnostic.
    Blood, Plasma, Serum, Urine, Stool, Tissues and Cell Lines
  • Chemical compounds/re-agents.
  • Life-saving drugs.
  • Antibodies
  • Diagnostics kits
  • Lab solutions/Enzymes/Protein Samples.
  • Standard references.
  • Sports event samples.

We make the difference:

  • End-to-end supply chain handled by us.
  • Largest pickup and destination locations.
  • Temperature logger graphs to shipper in 24 - 48 hours after delivery of shipment.
  • Temperature logger graphs visibility across India.
  • Free top-up/replacement of dry ice.
  • Packaging range manufactured from environmentally friendly materials which are recyclable.

We cater to:


  • Pharmaceuticals Companies.
  • Contract/Clinical Research Organizations (CROs).
  • Hospitals/Doctors/Laboratories linked to CROs for research & development.
  • Research & Development wings of International Aids.
  • Indian R & D wings.
  • Live animal husbandry.
  • Perishables markets.


We constantly seek the best solution to meet our pharmaceutical customer needs in terms of temperature controlled distribution.

The Blue Dart Temperature Controlled Solutions are a range of flexible packaging options allowing the national transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and clinical trial shipments.

Standardized packaging solutions

We constantly seek the best solution to meet your needs in terms of Temperature Controlled Logistics. Our Temperature Controlled Solutions are a range of flexible packaging options allowing the national transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and clinical trial shipments.

The Standard Solution Range consists of:

  • Shipper solutions of different sizes.
  • Shipper solutions covering all standard temperature ranges.
  • Small and large Diagnostic Specimen Shippers.
  • Cooling jackets.

Customized Solutions:

  • Designed to meet customer-specific and industry-specific regulatory requirements.
  • Validated and warranted to offer:


    • Temperature control and stability to customer products for defined periods of time.
    • Product protection.
    • Ease of use.


  • Modular Design.

Time Definite Critical Solutions:

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