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International services are subject to the DHL - Terms and Conditions of Carriage, and the liability terms incorporated therein. Please read these carefully before you avail of our services.

Click on Country Information for country-specific documentation requirements.

Blue Dart offers DHL Express Worldwide (DOC), DHL Express Worldwide (NON DOC), Express Easy Box 8 and Express Easy Box 6, a one-stop shipping process for reliable, time-definite, door-to-door delivery of international documents and packages. The service offers access to 220 countries and territories worldwide and the extensive, quality network of Blue Dart and DHL.

The special benefits of the International Services are:

  1. A Convenient Solution for your Urgent, International Documents & Shipments

    Documents and packages will be picked-up from your location, cleared through customs and delivered to your consignee. Contact Blue Dart to organize a pick-up, and click on Location Finder for locations serviced by International Services, or Contact Blue Dart for details.

  2. Customs Clearance Expertise

    Specialists conversant with customs formalities in India as well as in 228 countries world-wide, and pre-clearance for shipments in transit available for most destinations, ensure efficient delivery. Click on Customs for details on customs paperwork requirements.

  3. Real-time Tracking

    Through the net at, for information on your shipments at all stages of transportation. You may also Contact Blue Dart for details.

  4. A Cost-effective Option

    The door-to-door service eliminates the need to retain a clearing agent and arrange transportation at destination for delivery to the Consignee.

  5. Packaging

    DHL has innovated a wide range of unique packaging to protect and secure your documents and shipments, and enhance the brand value of your products.

DHL offers:

DHL Express Worldwide (DOC) is the fastest, trustworthy and most secure way to deliver non-dutiable shipments such as banking and legal documents, reports, proposals, tenders, etc. You can rely on this international service. Contact Blue Dart for details or Click on Country Information for country-specific documentation requirements.


  • Priority financial industry services.
  • State of the art information systems.
  • Specialised fast handling facilities.
  • 90% of international banks first choice.
  • Door-to-door one company control.
  • World class packaging.


  • The best possible service to your company.
  • The leading edge for financial services.
  • Track status online door-to-door.
  • Highest level of control and security.
  • One point of contact and accountability.
  • Peace of mind.

DHL Express Worldwide (NON DOC) is the fastest most secure way to deliver a dutiable international shipment. For commercial shipments like electrical goods and components, garments, manufactured items & non-commercial shipments.


  • Door-to-door service.
  • Simple documentation.
  • Packaging range.
  • Fastest international express packages.
  • State-of-the-art information systems.
  • Global customs clearance leader.
  • Global market leader for international express packages.


  • Fastest transit time.
  • Greater security and control.
  • Simplified and convenient process.
  • No hunting for packaging.
  • Detailed online tracking.
  • One company control.
  • Single Invoice.
  • Door-to-door peace of mind.

Express Easy Box 8 and Express Easy Box 6 are the original market innovations for value priced, flat fee international express. All the benefits of the Worldwide Package Express plus. They offer low flat fees for shipments up to 10kg and 25kg and convenient uniquely designed packaging to all destinations worldwide.


  • Unique easy to assemble boxes.
  • Step by step customs declarations.
  • Full DHL express door-to-door service.
  • Low flat fee for each kilo over flat fee limit.
  • Strong packaging and simple documentation.


  • Maximum convenience.
  • Low price.
  • Exporting documentation made easy.
  • Fastest transit time.
  • Door-to-door services.
  • Track status online door-to-door.
  • No hunting for packaging or paperwork.

Available from more than 214 countries, DHL Import Express Worldwide offers you total control of your collections worldwide through a single partner with proven customs expertise.

Features & Benefits:

  • Choose the time of delivery and rely on the largest international express network.
  • A single account number gives you global reach and simplifies budgeting and cost control.
  • More in-house customs expertise than anyone else in the industry means one contact for all your export and import needs.
  • Up-front pricing for door-to-door delivery means no hidden costs or surprises.
  • One invoice in your home currency helps avoid currency fluctuation and makes it easier to allocate costs to a customer or department.
  • Rely on total visibility of your shipments - no matter where they originate or arrive.
  • Total shipment visibility with access to tracking and delivery details from virtually anywhere - via the Internet, WAP, SMS or phone.

Shipping Tips:

  • Open an DHL Import Express Worldwide account in an instant by contacting Blue Dart.
  • Authorise your customers to use your DHL Import Express Worldwide account by simply sending a standard Routing Order.
  • Our parent Company, DHL Customer Service, in the origin country, can assist the sender with all shipping and packaging queries.
  • Questions about customs regulations or paperwork? Just contact Blue Dart.

The DHL Express Pallet is a convenient, flexible yet economical way to send goods internationally. It's a special wood-free palletized packaging, which can be 'built' to accommodate shipment as small as 50kg or as large as 100kg plus.

DHL Express Pallet gives you additional benefits like:

  • Strong and durable packaging for total safety.
  • Weather-resistant material to prevent water damage.
  • Packaging range.
  • Fastest for international express packages.
  • Shrink-wrapped for better protection.
  • Pallet supports the weight of the shipment and provides easier handling.
  • Stay in control of your shipment anytime, anywhere with our tracking facility.

Heavy is really easy:

DHL Express Pallet offers easy transportation for freight as heavy as 50kg, 75kg or even 100kg.

DHL Express Pallet is one box... foldable in 3 ways. With perforated sides, the Express Pallet box can easily be downsized to suit the volume of your shipment, so one box fits all! The sizes can be kept up or folded down to provide for freight weighing 100kg, 75kg or 50kg.

Express Pallet Dimensions

Length Breadth   Height  
    50 kg 75 kg 100 kg
808 mm 808 mm 444 mm 614 mm 784 mm

Strong and durable packaging means total protection.

The Express Pallet is constructed from strong heavyweight reinforced cardboard, designed to support the weight of your shipment. Also, the weather-resistant material safeguards your shipment against water damage. To protect your goods while in transit, your shipment is strapped and fully shrink-wrapped. The pallet supports the weight of the shipment and provides easier handling by forklift.

The service is offered to over 220 countries worldwide, door-to-door.

We will pick up your shipment and express deliver it door-to-door to over 120,000 destinations worldwide at a low flat fee.

Plan your shipment strategy ahead... the economical way!

You don't have to pay a heavy price for moving heavy goods -- Express Pallet flat rates are comparable to rates you would normally pay your freight forwarder.

The Express Pallet has an all-inclusive fixed pricing structure so you'll know exactly what you'll be charged for freight even before the freight leaves your site. DHL's all-inclusive door-to-door price covers the Express Pallet packaging, pick-up, documentation, carriage, customs clearance and delivery to your recipient's doorstep. The only costs excluded are destination government charges, duties & taxes.

Express Pallet Requirements

  1. You must use the DHL Express Pallet for your shipment in order to enjoy the Express Pallet flat rates.

  2. Complete the customised waybill enclosed with each box. Please note that each Express Pallet sent must be accompanied by its own waybill and paperwork (unlike normal WPX where one waybill for multiple shipments is allowed).

  3. The maximum weight limit for DHL Express Pallet is 100kg. You should divide your shipment into several boxes should it exceed the weight limit.

  4. DHL Express Pallet is available for India outbound freight only. It is not available for Transport Collect shipments or Import Express or inbound shipments.

  5. The empty pallet weighs 11.4kg. This, along with the weight of your items, will be the total weight of the shipment. As with other shipments, the greater of the actual weight or volumetric weight will be chargeable.

  6. If you require your Express Pallet shipment to be picked up please call for pick-up 3-4 hrs prior to your preferred pickup time. Customers who currently have regular scheduled pick-up arrangements must call in for Express Pallet pick-ups as well. Customers who call in after 15:00 hrs will have their shipments picked up the next day between 13:00 hrs & 15:00 hrs (excluding Sundays & Public Holidays).

  7. Please ensure that all documentation is completed to avoid unnecessary shipment delays.

Express Easy Student is an exclusive air express service designed to deliver student applications to universities abroad in the most reliable, fast and secure way.

We understand just how important your university application is to your success in enrolling into the university of your choice. Therefore, DHL now offers you Express Easy Student - an exclusive air express service designed to deliver student applications to universities abroad in the most reliable, fast and secure way. With Express Easy Student, you gain of DHL's premium express services at a discount of more than 50% with special service features. You also enjoy unique student-specific benefits and value of rewards. So, the more you ship, the more you gain.

Value Added Features:

  • Free home Pick-up.
  • Multiple shipment tracking options.
  • DHL - International Student Identity Card (ISIC).
  • Customer Service Helpline.
  • Rewards for sending applications abroad.


  • Clearance charges of ₹ 1400 will be charged extra on all commercial shipments.
  • Remote Area Fee of ₹ 24 per kg with a minimum of ₹ 1550 will be charged extra for all remote area locations.
  • Non Standard Shipment Surcharge: ₹ 2750 per shipment [single piece weight > 70 kg or Dimension (length/ breadth/ height) > 120 cm].
  • Address correction charges of ₹ 900 will be applicable if more than one delivery attempt is made due to an incorrect address.
  • Over handling fees of ₹ 5500 will be applicable for non stackable shipments.
  • Elevated Risk surcharge of ₹ 1400 will apply when shipping (Doc, Non Doc shipments) to a destination country (Afghanistan, Burundi, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, South Sudan, Yemen) where DHL is operating at elevated risk due to continuous state of war, civil unrest, or continuous threats from terrorism.
  • Restricted Destination surcharge of ₹ 2100 apply only for Non Document shipments when shipping to a destination country (Yemen, Central African Republic, Libya, Iran, D.P.R North Korea, Iraq, Somalia, Eritrea, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Sudan, Syria) that is subject to trade restrictions imposed by the UN Security Council. Restricted Destination Surcharge is not applicable.
  • Both surcharges ( Elevated Risk and Restricted Destination surcharges ) are applicable for common countries - Iraq, Yemen & Libya for Non Doc shipments.
  • Any other levies, taxes or duties enforced by the government would be charged extra, if and as applicable.

DHL Packaging:

1. Flyers - Can fit in documents, pamphlets, magazines, annual reports and brochures.

  • Small Express Flyer - 305 x 400 mm. Recommended max. weight 5 kgs.
  • Large Express Flyer - 405 x 435 mm. Recommended max. weight 8 kgs.

2. Express Box

  • Express Box 3 - 315 x 220 x 50 mm. Recommended max. weight 5 kgs.
  • Express Box 5 - 355 x 360 x 110 mm. Recommended max. weight 5.5 kgs.
  • Express Box 7 - 365 x 235 x 305 mm. Recommended max. weight 20 kgs.
  • Express Box 8 - 415 x 315 x 285 mm. Recommended max. weight 25 kgs.
  • Express Box 9 - 455 x 300 x 385 mm. Recommended max. weight 35 kgs.

    - Can hold up to 12 bottles of wine, garments, a large machine and electronic parts.

For any further assistance with your International documents and shipments, Contact Blue Dart.

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