To enable global connectivity to Blue Dart's present and future interactive technology strengths, for value added solutions.

To facilitate seamless integrated transportation, distribution and supply chain management, from, to and within the region, thereby increasing value to our customers and shareholders.

As a technology leader in the business of supply-chain management in the country, Blue Dart Express Limited recognised the far-reaching scope of the internet in 1996, and has been exploring web-based solutions to extend the range of services available to its customers and integrate them into its core products. It has evolved an e-strategy.

This e-strategy encompasses E-Solutions to deliver additional process efficiencies to business by allowing them access to Blue Dart's e-shipping tools and integration with its e-business tools. An individual solution is available for each business, big or small, transacting off the internet or on the internet, and ranging from a stand-alone to a fully integrated one.

The basic tracking solution will enable Blue Dart's customers to track their shipments, through single or multiple waybills, on-line. Customers can check the status of their shipments using a waybill number or a reference number. A mail-based solution will allow the customers to query status of their shipments using e-mail.

Registered customers of Blue Dart can make advanced queries on the status of their shipments, and can keep track of them for up to 90 days on-line. They can filter their queries by date range, origin, destination and service, and sort the results on-line. Registered customers can download the entire waybill tracking data - schedule the download, and select the frequency and the data to be downloaded. These customers can also generate and download various reports customised to meet their individual needs.

E-commerce Initiatives: Case Study #11.

E-Shipping Tools

These tools are convenient aids to support your shipping management processes:

Web Based Tools


Stand-alone Tools


E-Business Tools

These tools may be efficiently integrated with your systems to provide you with a convenient and cost-effective solution to your shipping requirements.

Blue Dart has been the only Indian Air Express Company that has invested extensively in Technology infrastructure to create differentiated delivery capabilities, quality services and customised solutions for the customer.

Some of the technology-based business offerings are as follows :

Track on-line the status update of your shipments sent over the last 90 days. You may track by a range of dates, origin, destination, delivered or undelivered shipments or service used, on-line. You may generate a series of reports, at a pre-determined frequency, and sort the results on-line.

For on-line queries and reports: on providing the input of range of pickup dates, origin, destination and services used, you can check any of the following, on-line:


  • Waybill details and status of all shipments sent during a given period.
  • Details of all delivered shipments.
  • Status of all undelivered shipments.
  • Details of all RTO (Return to Origin) shipments.
  • Details of all Re-directed shipments.


You may download the tracking and status data. This tool will benefit most medium to large businesses in managing their tracking processes and integrating them with their back-end systems. This tool is available only to registered customers of Blue Dart. If you are a regular customer of Blue Dart, Click Here to register for this service. If you are a new user, Click Here to get in touch with us.

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