Dart Surfaceline

Dart Surfaceline is an economical, door-to-door, ground distribution service to over 55,400+ locations in India for shipments weighing 10 kgs and above. It offers a cost-effective logistics option for your less time-sensitive shipments, with the following value-added features and benefits:


  • Time-bound Delivery

    A fleet of vehicles run to pre-determined schedules to provide committed delivery. Click on Transit Time Finder for information on delivery time, or Contact Blue Dart.
    The transit times shown are indicative. The Transit time can change due to monsoon conditions and other force majeure events.

  • COD (Cash on Delivery)

    The invoice value of the shipment booked by you will be collected from the consignee in the form of cash at the time of the delivery. The cash collected from the consignee will be returned to you to complete the transaction

  • DOD (Demand Draft on Delivery)

    The invoice value of the shipment booked by you will be collected from the consignee in the form of a demand draft at the time of the delivery. The demand draft collected from the consignee will be returned back to you to complete the transaction.

  • FOD (Freight on Delivery)

    The freight of the shipment will be collected from the consignee at the time of delivery.

  • FOV (Freight on Value) - Insurance Arrangement

    Blue Dart Express (BDE) can facilitate arrangements to insure your goods through an insurance company. In an eventuality of the shipment being damaged or lost while in BDE custody, BDE would assist you in the claim process and ensure the claim is settled in the minimum possible time after shipper/consignee handover required documents to the insurance company

  • Track your Shipment

    Over the net, or Contact Blue Dart to receive information on the status of your shipment. You can also view, download and print copies of Proof Of Deliveries and Delivery challans of Dart Surfaceline shipments

  • Regulatory Clearances

    Our team of specialists will provide you with the clearance support required to ensure a smooth delivery. Click on Regulatory for details of the paperwork requirements, or Contact Blue Dart for assistance.

  • Pick-up Convenience

    You may Contact Blue Dart to schedule a pick-up, and your shipment will be picked-up, transported, cleared through regulatory channels and delivered to the consignee, while you are able to receive updated information and proof of delivery on demand.

  • Secure Shipments

    All the destinations serviced by Dart Surfaceline are supported by our own warehouses, manned by trained professionals to ensure the safety and security of your shipments.

  • Economical Tariff

    All these benefits are available at charges that support value-pricing. Click on Price Finder for the applicable tariff.


Our services are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Domestic Carriage - Dart Surfaceline and the liability terms incorporated therein. Please read these carefully before you avail of our services.

Security regulations do not permit delivery of certain items on the Dart Surfaceline mode. Click on Banned Commodities - All Services and Dangerous Goods prohibited on Blue Dart or Contact Blue Dart for details.

For any further assistance with your Dart Surfaceline shipment Contact Blue Dart .

For information on Fuel Surcharge Click Here

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