Blue Dart provides you with various means of tracking your shipments to suit your convenience. Shipments can be tracked for a period of 90 days from the date of dispatch.

Web Based Tools

Track the status of your shipment by using the TrackDartTM box, which is available on the upper left panel of every page on our website. You may track shipments sent on Blue Dart services within India or to Nepal, Bangladesh or Bhutan. Shipments under single or multiple waybills may be tracked using either the waybill number or the reference number given at the time of shipping.

ShopTrackTM is an API (Applications Program Interface) designed specifically to support and enhance the services provided by a portal or any e-business. Research indicated that, while e-tailers provided an entire gamut of product services and information, e-shoppers invariably had to leave the website or use manual means to track their purchases. The result - less eyeball time on their pages. Portals that sought to resolve this dilemma were faced with the unattractive alternative of database maintenance and call centres.

ShopTrackTM provides an effortless, customised solution. Customers no longer have to leave the Portal site to track their purchases. They just need to enter the order-number of their purchase and the shipping and delivery details are displayed on the same page. The Portal can decide how to display the data elements and may even store them in their database. ShopTrackTM is another time and cost-saving tool created to arm Blue Dart's customers with a competitive edge.

PackTrackTM is an API (Applications Program Interface) designed for any client involved in logistics, distribution and inventory control. It has been designed to streamline and integrate shipping processes. PackTrackTM can be integrated into the client's systems and enables him to keep track of the entire distribution status of all his customers. It is simple, easy-to-use and can be easily integrated with any windows-based application or any Java compliant machine. Queries are fetched immediately from Blue Dart's database, providing a seamless service for the client and his customers, and bringing the entire chain within his domain. The client may store this data in his database, providing him with an effective CRM tool.

These e-business tools, the first of their kind in the country, bring increased efficiencies to most B2C, B2B and C2C transactions.

Both ShopTrackTM and PackTrackTM provide the following:

  • On-line, real-time status details of the waybill number.
  • On-line, real-time status details of all the waybills linked to an order number.
  • Results in either XML, TEXT or HTML formats.
  • Supports JSP & ASP.

You may either use the Waybill Number or the Reference Number to track the status of your shipments. This feature helps you to track Single or Multiple shipments.

To track the status of your shipments by Waybill Number. Enter the waybill numbers either in 'Subject' or in the text of the mail, each Waybill number separated by a comma. Then send the mail to

To track the status of your shipments by Reference/Order Number. Enter the reference/order numbers in 'Subject' of the mail, each reference or order number separated by a comma. Then send the mail to

Another powerful feature in the MailDartTM is the Intimate Me Option. Incase you need to know the status of the shipment upon delivery you only have to send a mail to with Single or Multiple Waybill numbers in 'Subject' or in the text of the mail, each Waybill number separated by a comma.

You will receive an automated reply giving you a Status Update of the shipment(s) upon delivery.

Stand-alone Tools

ShipDartTM is a Blue Dart proprietary solution especially created for the convenience of regular customers. ShipDartTM enables user control over the entire shipping and tracking processes. ShipDartTM needs to be installed at the customers premises in order to interface with their own system for the pre-shipping and post-tracking activities, thereby playing a major role in bridging the existing gap in any package movement. A set of Master Files which controls the ShipDartTM system has to be downloaded from the site.

If you are interested in availing of ShipDartTM services, email us at

Blue Dart has delivered customised solutions to various industry segments such as Finance, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Durables, Office Automation and Information Technology, among others. These solutions integrate closely with the legacy systems of the business and enable them to accelerate their processes and provide them with effective MIS.

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