Express Pallet

The Blue Dart Express Pallet is a convenient, flexible yet economical way to send goods within India. It's a special wood-free palletized packaging, which can be 'built' to accommodate shipment as small as 50kg or as large as 100kg plus.

Blue Dart Express Pallet gives you additional benefits like:


  • Strong and durable packaging for total safety.
  • Weather-resistant material to prevent water damage.
  • Packaging range.
  • Fastest for domestic express packages.
  • Shrink-wrapped for better protection.
  • Pallet supports the weight of the shipment and provides easier handling.
  • Stay in control of your shipment anytime, anywhere with our tracking facility.


Heavy is really easy:

Blue Dart Express Pallet offers easy transportation for freight as heavy as 50kg, 75kg or even 100kg.

Blue Dart Express Pallet is one box... foldable in 3 ways. With perforated sides, the Express Pallet box can easily be downsized to suit the volume of your shipment, so one box fits all! The sizes can be kept up or folded down to provide for freight weighing 100kg, 75kg or 50kg.

Express Pallet Dimensions

Length Breadth   Height  
    50 kg 75 kg 100 kg
808 mm 808 mm 444 mm 614 mm 784 mm

Strong & durable packaging means total protection.

The Express Pallet is constructed from strong heavy weight reinforced cardboard, designed to support the weight of your shipment. Also, the weather-resistant material safeguards your shipment against water damage. To protect your goods while in transit, your shipment is strapped and fully shrink-wrapped. The pallet supports the weight of the shipment and provides easier handling by forklift.

Plan your shipment strategy ahead... the economical way!

The Express Pallet has an all-inclusive fixed pricing structure so you'll know exactly what you'll be charged for freight even before the freight leaves your site.

Express Pallet important Note:


  1. Blue Dart Express Pallet is for the door-to-door delivery service within India only.

  2. The maximum weight limit for Blue Dart Express Pallet is 100kg. You should divide your shipment into several boxes should it exceed the weight limit.

  3. The empty pallet weighs 11.4kg. This, along with the weight of your items, will be the total weight of the shipment. As with other shipments, the greater of the actual weight or volumetric weight will be chargeable.

  4. If you require your Express Pallet shipment to be picked up please call for pick-up 1 day earlier.

  5. Please ensure that all documentation is completed to avoid unnecessary shipment delays.

  6. The Express Pallet are stored in the Regional Hub. Customers requiring Express Pallet need to call for pick up 1 day earlier.


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